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Heated Hoodie

Full Zip From Cuff To Waist

On & Off When Tethered To A Drip

Powerbank Mobile Charger

Built In Torch





Dripfed came from our director Brad after he was diagnosed with AML on the 11th of February 2019,  gruelling rounds of chemotherapy many blood transfusions, platelets and antibiotics, all being given via a drip some lasting hours on end, everyone who has or ever had a PICC line or received constant medication via drip knows hows uncomfortable it is to have, especially if you are connected to a drip for anything up-to 10 hours.


Dripfed clothing works around treatment.
Patent No. GB2017759.8.


Clothing for all patients in hospital coping with cancer or other illnesses which require being attached to drips for long periods of time.

Experienced first hand the difficulties of regulating an ever-changing body temperature whilst going through chemotherapy and having to be on a drip for long periods of time, so the concept of Dripfed’s heated clothing came about. Dripfed’s aim is to give back as a direct contribution from profits gained from digital marketing campaigns or as a supplier of comfortable accessible clothing, also sharing profits from each product sold and with every garment bought 20 percent of Net Profit will go to Macmillan.

Our company is made up of contributors that have experienced some form trauma from cancer and have a passion to give back. many of our staff have received support from many cancer charities and understand how there role is important to the well fare of cancer sufferers, not only the patients but their families also.

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